Introducing Bracketology 4.0, a fun way to show you the benefits of a unified namespace architecture!


Despite its growing popularity, tangible real-world examples of a UNS architecture remain scarce. NeoMatrix designed its Bracketology 4.0  contest to highlight the benefits of UNS using the same software we utilize daily to help industrial companies tackle challenges. Setting up a bracket challenge involves several components:

  • A real-time source for scores from each game

  • A secure user interface for participants to fill out brackets and view real-time contest results

  • An analytics engine to compute scores and forecast future outcomes

How to Play:

  1. Register and Set Up Your Bracket
  2. Complete your bracket by 11 AM EDT on Thursday, March 21st.
  3. Winners are notified at the conclusion of the tournament. 

What You Can Win:

Grand Prize:

($400 value)  

Top 5 Runners Up:
Vendor Swag Bag 

yeti cooler

Bracketology 4.0 Powered By Our Technology Partners

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